Time Frames to Move Your Office

Time Frames to Move Your Office

Making the decision to move your office is not an easy one. How do you plan for such a move? How do you get your employees on board with the move? What are the time frames to move the office? These are all important questions that should be answered prior to picking a date and relocating to your new office.

The question we will be answering in today’s post is the following: what are the time frames to move the office? Keep in mind that moving your office should take roughly three months to complete, so let’s get started.

Sign the Lease

The first step in the timeline for moving your office is the signing of the lease. At this point, you will have already conducted a search for a new location and settled on a final decision. That can take quite a bit of time and it is rare that you will find a new office the first time you tour a commercial space. It’s best if you sign the lease on your new space anywhere from 45-60 days prior to the scheduled move.


Does the space you are renting need renovations? Even if it is a newer space, renovations might be necessary to meet your views of the new office. These should be completed anywhere from one to eight weeks prior to the scheduled move. Since you aren’t renovating your current space there’s no reason to move into a new office that is still under construction. Be sure that all necessary renovations are complete and the new space has been cleaned prior to move-in day.

Technology Infrastructure Installation

This step in the timeline should occur anywhere from one to two months prior to your scheduled move-in date. You will need to have the cables installed for phone and internet within your new commercial space, especially if it was renovated. This includes infrastructure for a camera security system if needed. Once all of this is complete, you can have a painter and a flooring contractor take care of painting the office and installing any new flooring.

Door Access Installation

What is your plan for entry into the building or various rooms throughout the office? Will it be a keycard system or key fob system? Will you use traditional keys? Make this determination and have the system installed no later than one month prior to moving. Once the access system is complete you can move the furniture into the new office.

Printer/ Copier Installation

The final step prior to move-in day is the installation of the printer/ copier. All offices need a printer and a copier that can send faxes, scan documents, collate, and more. This installation should occur no more than one month prior to the move-in date.

Moving Day!

Once moving day arrives you must make sure that all of your employees turn in their old keys and are given new ones. Employees should take advantage of moving day and purge as much as they can from the old office. It makes the move much easier. All of the company’s phone numbers will be imported on the scheduled day of the move.

Day After the Move

The very next day after the move should involve training for your employees on all of the new systems. This includes how to access the internet, the company network, and how to use the new phone system.

Are you planning to move your office? Preparing ahead of time makes the move go much smoother for everyone involved. Call Eastern American Technologies at 718-937-3600 to discuss your move and how their experienced staff can help with the installation of your new phone system.