Signs it is Time to Replace Your Office Printer

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Office Printer

A printer is more than likely the most vital piece of equipment in your office, no matter how many employees you have. The office printer is the backbone of meetings, sorting documents and ensuring that contracts are complete. They handle large jobs, small jobs and in-between jobs. Printers can last for years, but not forever. Here’s some signs to look for that tell you it’s time to replace your office printer.

Usage Has Increased

If the printer in your office is being used differently today than it was in the past, then it might be time to replace it. For example, if the printer originally handled only small jobs once or twice per week, but is now churning out hundreds of pages per day, it is time to replace the unit. You likely have a printer that is not designed for large capacities. It would be smart to spend the money now to upgrade instead of waiting for the current printer to stop working.

Employees Fight With It

The next time you visit the copy room, watch how your employees interact with the printer. If they constantly curse at it, yell in disgust or throw a lot of copies in the trash, it might be time to replace the printer. You don’t want your employees to suffer when they are trying to put together projects and the printer just won’t cooperate. This can frustrate them to no end and even lead to more time spent on redoing projects and less time on moving onto other tasks.

Replacement Ink is No More

When it is difficult to find replacement ink for the office printer then it is time to replace it. This issue means that either your printer is very old or the model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. You won’t be able to find much replacement ink moving forward, so it’s best to simply replace the unit.

Efficiency Dropped

If the efficiency of the printer has dropped recently, it’s likely it won’t improve anytime soon. This is a sure sign that it’s time to replace the printer. The efficiency could be the result of many things, including an increase in business, parts failing or a lack of upkeep.

Repairs Don’t Help

If you have had a technician out multiple times within the last couple of months to repair the office printer, and the repairs don’t help, then it is time to get a new printer. Stop dumping money into a problem that cannot be fixed and simply buy a new one. Even if the current printer is under warranty, it might be better to bite the bullet.


If the company name on the office printer is now obsolete, it’s definitely time to buy a new printer. You won’t be able to get replacement parts, have service performed by the now-defunct company or even buy a new machine from the company.

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*Content Updated November 6, 2017