What is an SD-WAN and Why Should You Use It?

Wide area networks(WAN) have their use throughout society. For businesses, WANS are often used to transmit data from building to building, sometimes in different cities. Chances are, you’ve messed with a WAN to transmit data. When businesses expand, maintenance becomes troublesome. Costs go up as more manpower is needed. Managing a WAN, the old fashioned way is too difficult in today’s technology climate.

That’s where an SD-WAN comes in. Businesses seek a scalable way to manage their large networks. Hiring more technicians is not only costly, but complicated. An SD-WAN gives you the advantage of managing a WAN from a simple software interface.

The Benefits of an SD-WAN

  • Managing multiple connections from broadband to LTE. Different connections can quickly become messy. Resolving a clash takes less manpower and more simple button clicking.
  • Less manual configuration. An SD-WAN allows you to control the entire network through a single interface. This removes tricky configuration and on-site technicians.
  • Dynamically changing the amount of bandwidth. A WAN previously needed manual configuration to provide the entire network with extra bandwidth. Now the whole process is done within the interface.

Overall, an SD-WAN provides a business with a cost-effective, manageable solution to common network problems.

Why You Should Switch

Those who switch know how complex managing an old WAN was. WANS consisted of a complex architecture involving switches, routers, and firewall configurations. Businesses, even large ones, only need a few functions a WAN offers. More often than not, a typical WAN setup was overkill.

An SD-WAN give businesses the features they need, removing excess complications. SD-WAN providers often bundle up essential features, such as lower manning costs and bandwidth customization, tailored to individual business needs. Considering setup, maintenance costs, and functionality, an SD-WAN proves to cost a fraction of a traditional WAN.

Taking The Next Step

Bringing WAN features to an interface brings a multitude of benefits. When businesses expand, costs go up. It’s up to managers and business owners to step up and go with the efficient solution. An SD-WAN is that solution, predicted to boost in popularity in the coming years. In today’s technology climate, scale is the game. It’s up to business owners to step up and take that next step.

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