SD-Wan for Multiple Offices

SD-Wan for multiple offices

Operating multiple offices across a large company can be very difficult, even if you have personnel in place as part of the management team. An important aspect of managing multiple offices is to keep the networks secure. Prior to SD-Wan, companies had trouble keeping the networks at their branch offices secure. When SD-Wan came around, companies were given the ability to tackle different security issues at multiple offices.

Dual Circuits Have Become the Default

For the most part, many sites have been deployed using the typical hierarchy of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. All of those usually have backups except for Bronze. When it comes to deployments using SD-Wan, things have changed. If a second circuit can be used, it is deployed. The second reason that this change has occurred is that the price of a second circuit has dropped drastically to around $100 per month. The second circuit also offers companies a large volume of bandwidth to use and is typically used to help improve the operation of the site.

Cloud Driving Lighter Security Model

The cloud has begun to drive a lighter security model when it comes to driving traffic. Estimates put cloud traffic at 80 percent or more of all traffic bound for the internet and because of this, a two-pronged approach has been developed. Web applications on the edge are being protected when it comes to light content filtering and traditional firewalls found at hubs throughout the network for traffic that is considered non-web for the internet.

Monitoring Tools Help Inform

The monitoring tools available to companies using SD-Wan these days help to keep everyone informed of the network. Most API’s from SD-Wan programs can provide companies with overlay path quality measurements, user-level statistics, and much more. SD-Wan now offers a brand new set of monitoring tools that actually sit outside of the program to monitor and report on what’s happening. These tools can provide reports on thinsg such as BGP peers, internet path health, and congestion.

Co-Locations That are Carrier-Neutral

As more and more companies explore SD-Wan for multiple offices, a new trend is developing; co-locations that are carrier-neutral. This option is perfect for companies that are looking for reliable connectivity to their network between multiple locations. In fact, a carrier-neutral co-location will be more cost effective compared to VPLS or MPLS. If connected correctly, the hubs created using carrier-neutral co-locations can be used for delivery points.

Non-Carrier Providers Important

Even non-carrier providers can play an important role in companies managing multiple offices using SD-Wan. When a company is in need of hybrid connectivity, the model based on the carrier can offer the company a combination of public and private connectivity. If your network has a highly distributed environment, it’s best to go with a non-carrier service provider to acquire better connectivity options at a more affordable cost.

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