Phone Tips & Tricks to Better Utilize Your NEC System

Phone Tips & Tricks to Better Utilize Your NEC System

Does your office utilize a NEC phone system? Is your office switching to a NEC phone system? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you will want to read the tips and tricks for the NEC system outlined in today’s post. You will find that these tricks make it easier to use the NEC system for all of your employees.

How to Use a Headset with NEC

More and more people are using headsets these days with their phones at the office. Headsets help to reduce neck pain and improve productivity at the same time. Talk about two great benefits! If you like to use a corded headset with your NEC phone system, the following instructions are for setting up a button to activate the headset.

When the phone is idle, dial 751. Press the button that you want programmed. Enter 05 and then press speaker. This will program the headset for use with your NEC phone system. Almost all headsets will work with a NEC phone system.

Calls from Extensions

Should you receive phone calls from extensions while using a NEC phone system at work, there are two options you can utilize.

The first option you have is to use the hands-free answerback. Once a short beep is heard you can begin to speak to the extension you called. The recipient of the call does not have to touch the phone to answer the call hands-free.

The second option you have is force ringing for intercom calls. When there is an internal call to the phone it will ring. In order to answer the call you make, the recipient will need to touch the phone by picking up the handset, then hit the speaker button, or they can answer the call using their headset.

To set up these features, simply do the following:

  1. Hands-free answerback
  2. Press the speaker key
  3. Dial 721
  4. Press the speaker key
  5. Forced ringing for intercom calls
  6. Press the speaker key
  7. Dial 723
  8. Press the speaker key

Distinctive Ringing

The NEC phone system has a popular feature called distinctive ringing. This is a feature that can be found on mobile phones, where a specific ringtone is set for individual callers. The distinctive ringing feature does not go this in-depth, but helps to separate your phone’s ring from other phones in the office.

When the phone is idle, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the speaker button and then dial 720
  2. Dial 1 to set the intercom ring or dial 2 to set the trunk ring
  3. Dial code for desired ring pattern (1-8)
  4. Press the speaker button to hang up the phone

You can follow the same steps as mentioned above if you want to simply listen to the ringtone options for your NEC phone at the office. The only difference occurs in step one where you dial 711 instead of 720.

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