Why In-Flight WiFi Is Not the Best Idea

Why In-Flight WiFi Is Not the Best Idea

Checking social media thousands of feet in the air was a novel idea in its time. Now, business travelers rely on in-flight Wi-Fi to finish their work and contact clients. The layman uses airborne connections to stream videos, keep in touch with their families, and web browsing. But is it really worth it?

There isn’t much in the entertainment avenue when it comes to flying. Providers are using this and squeezing profit from passenger’s boredom. As a result, we get Wi-Fi with subpar speeds, security issues, and a hiked price. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s better just to save your money and take a nap instead.

Not Enough Bandwidth to Go Around

You’d think airlines have the resources to provide streaming-level bandwidth. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Airborne Wi-Fi is costly to airlines. As a result, you may experience streaming issues. Though, casual use is often fine. In the worst cases, even Wi-Fi costing up to $30 can barely stream a video. If you must watch a movie, it’s best to purchase an offline version beforehand.

Not Exactly Secure Either

In-flight Wi-Fi must be pretty secure right? It’s wrong to assume that. In fact, in-flight Wi-Fi is less secure than a traditional public Wi-Fi connection. Casual users aren’t in as big of a risk as business passengers. More often than not, business passengers are working on sensitive material. When flying in the air, certain security protocols such as HTTP are ditched. This leaves private data open to anybody willing to exploit it.


Slow speeds and sketchy security connections not enough? On top of these issues, Wi-Fi prices are hiked. Companies can get away with charging ridiculous prices, so they generally stay the same. Prices are hiked on certain days, especially busy flights. If the price is worth it to you, we can’t stop you. For others, you can save a headache and some cash just by taking a nap or reading the latest thriller.

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