How do I Check my Voicemail from Outside the Office?

If you work from outside the office or just on vacation and want to check your voicemail on a NEC SV9100, here is how to do it.  Call your office and if your Auto Attendant picks up, press # and your extension # without a hesitation.  If your call is answered by a live person, have them transfer you to the auto attendant.  By default, the auto attendant extension default is the following:

  • NEC SV9100 – 3999
  • NEC SV8100 – 700
  • NEC UX5000 – 600
  • NEC Aspire – 600
  • NEC Aspire S – 700

Alternatively, instead of having to call your office and check your messages, you can have the voicemail call you.  To set this up on the NEC SV9100, press the VMSG key then 676.  Follow the prompts to setup the phone number it should call you, the time it should call.  You can also setup the voicemail to email you if your system is licensed and programmed to do so.

For assistance with your office phones and voicemail, contact Eastern American Technologies online or by calling (718) 937-3600.