Advantages of Canon Copier

Advantages of Canon Copier

Is your company due to purchase a new printer for the office? If so, there are so many options on the market today that the selection process can be downright overwhelming. Look no further than a Canon copier for your company’s next printer. A Canon copier has plenty of advantages that put it above all other printers on the market.

Grow Your Company’s Business

One of the biggest advantages of using a Canon copier is that it can help you grow your company’s business. Canon offers some of the best multifunctional copiers on the market today, which are perfect for any size business, especially those that continue to grow and expand. These printers are efficient, powerful and allow employees the opportunity to scan, copy, fax or print high quality documents with incredible speed. A canon copier in your office can improve organization, communication and documentation, ultimately leading to expanded business.

User Friendly

Canon copiers are some of the most user friendly machines on the market today. This means that your employees will learn the new machine in no time. They also will be able to solve most of the issues that arise with the printer without having to call your tech department or a representative from Canon to get it fixed.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer service team from Canon is superior. If a problem ever does arise, or you have a question that cannot be answered by the manual, speaking with a customer service representative from Canon will be easy and helpful. Their staff is knowledgeable and very friendly, offering excellent answers and advice to everyone who contacts them.

High Production Speed

High production speed is another advantage of a Canon copier for your office. When you run an office, no matter its size, you want it to run as smoothly as possible. This includes when employees use the copier machine to fax, scan, print or copy documents. You don’t want employees waiting in line to make copies because the printer is operating slowly. A canon copier will operate with high production speed each time it is used and for any purpose.

Environmentally Sustainable

For those companies that truly care about the environment, the Canon copier is the way to go. Canon copiers are environmentally sustainable. There are eight models in the imageRUNNER ADVANCE series from Canon that were awarded a Gold rating from EPEAT. Any printer that received a Gold rating from EPEAT was able to meet 50 criteria related to environmental sustainability. Not only do these printers help to support the environment, but they can also lower your company’s energy costs.

Direct Scan

One of the most popular advantages of a Canon copier is the direct scan feature. Canon copiers offer direct scan to email and direct scan to PDF right at the unit. You no longer have to run back and forth to your computer to make this happen.

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