5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone or Tablet

When it comes to choosing a smartphone or tablet for work, you don’t just want to pick the first item you come across. You also don’t want to pick the one you think looks the best. You need to consider how the mobile device is going to be used, how often, for what purposes and where it will be used. Ask yourself the following five questions before making a purchase.

How much typing has to be done?

If you need to write long emails, documents or anything longer than search queries or text messages, doing so on a smartphone can be tedious. The keyboard is quite small and errors can be commonplace. If you need to craft long emails or entire documents, you should consider purchasing a tablet. The screen is much larger than a smartphone and the keyboard you use can either be the built-in one on the screen or a bluetooth accessory you purchase.

How portable do you need it to be?

How portable do you need the device to be? If you already carry around a briefcase, backpack or purse then it shouldn’t matter if you purchase a tablet or larger smartphone. But, if you don’t like carrying a bag around, consider going with a smaller smartphone that can either be worn on your belt or will fit in your pocket.

How long does the battery need to last?

The downfall of almost every device out there today is poor battery life. If you need a device that can last quite a long time while you do various tasks, consider purchasing a device that allows you to swap out the battery. There are fewer and fewer of these out there, but there are accessories such as battery charging cases and charging blocks that can help you recharge while on the go.

Do you need to take a ton of photos or record audio and video?

If you are looking into the mobile device for creating media for your job, make sure you look into the camera and microphone built into the device. Many journalists nowadays use their phones to record audio and video of meetings, sporting events and interviews to upload onto websites.

Will you work in the daylight outside?

If you need to work outside in the daylight, it might be hard to see the screen of your smartphone or other mobile device. Newer mobile devices are being manufactured with better Retina displays in order to see the screens outside in the daylight.

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