4 Easy Methods for Transferring Smartphone Files to Your PC

There’s that time when you need to make a file transfer. You may even dread it. Why? Because transferring files can more of a pain than it needs to be. There are hundreds of programs you can choose from. Choosing the right program is half the battle. The rest of the battle is figuring out how to actually get those precious files onto your computer without a headache.

Method 1: Bluetooth
Bluetooth is an all-around reliable method due to its widespread popularity. Chances are, both of your devices have Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing the two devices is like pairing any other device. Simply turn Bluetooth on for both devices, then wait for a pairing message to pop up.

From there, transferring files is easy. Simply click on your desktop’s Bluetooth icon, and select “send files via Bluetooth”. This process differs from PC to PC, but generally involves clicking a small Bluetooth logo on your hot bar.

Method 2: Using Cloud Services

Using a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive is the easiest method. Not only can you safely store your files, you have instant access to them. The obvious downside is the reliance on a solid internet connection. As long as you have mobile data, transferring files is simple. To do it, store files in the cloud service of your choice. From there, you can download the app on your phone. Whenever you add a file to the cloud, they are instantly available on both devices.

Old Fashioned Email

Email is still as alive as ever. You may not use it to message your friends, but it has its place. Transferring documents, pictures, and files via email is still a reliable option. The easiest method involves sending yourself an email from your phone and attaching your documents. From there, you can easily download them by checking your email from your desktop. Everybody has an email, and it’s a fairly easy method.

The Even More Old Fashioned USB Drive
USBs are less preferred for a reason. They are manual and a bit more involved. However, they still have their use. For the security conscious, USB is the safest way to transfer files. If you need to transfer sensitive data, USB is your go-to. USB drives are also good for transferring large amounts of data (anything over 1GB) quickly. A combination of both warrants a USBs use even more.

You can either use a USB drive, or a USB adapter. USB on-the-go(OTG) adapters are the best for mobile devices. A USB may not be as easy as its wireless counterparts, but they are the safest.

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